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HotMilk Maternity and Pregnancy Lingerie

All of Hotmilk's nursing bras can also be worn while pregnant, they are in essence maternity and nursing bras.  They all expand and contract throughout the changes to your body and the nursing clips are so discreet, you'll never notice them.  It's an expensive time in a new mothers life and we simply want to make things a little easier!  We do however make this small collection of bras without nursing clips for those that specifically want a separate garment for whilst pregnant.

When is a maternity bra necessary?

We love to shop – any excuse is a good one right?! But on a serious note your body will start to change and adjust to welcoming your cute bundle.

Maternity bras are recommended to be worn from the time you notice any changes in your breasts which can be as early as 6-12weeks, or as late as 32 weeks.

The comfort and support that your Hotmilk Maternity Bra will give you, will allow you to feel fabulous and supported while your body changes through this amazing time.  Don't forget this applies to all our nursing bras too.

Why a maternity bra?

Maternity bras come with added features making your life easier and you more comfortable whilst still feeling like the sexy woman you are (Hotmilk is all about that!). Our bras come with non-underwire or flexi-wire, allowing your bra to move as your fabulous body does. This helps during pregnancy as you make more room for your precious cargo and afterwards while breastfeeding. 

Hotmilk maternity bra’s come with six hooks at the back allowing you to extend the bra out when you need to, or bring it in closer ensuring the right fit and support.

What is my bra size?

It's a great time to get measured, or you can visit our fitting room to learn how to measure yourself.

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