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Choosing the right factory

Hotmilk Collective garments are designed in New Zealand and we choose to work only with established factories that have excellent reputations and certifications for ethical and environmental standards......

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Choosing the right fabrics

Hotmilk Collective garments are designed with you and the environment at heart. We do a vast amount of research into the fabrics and trims we use to ensure they are safe and long-lasting for nursing mums and babies......

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Conscious fashion

Hotmilk Collective are extremely conscious of the decisions they make when creating and manufacturing garments. Careful consideration is given to the functionality of the garment as well as the sustainability of the fabrics.....

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Considered processes

Hotmilk Collective is passionate in considering all aspects of the supply and distribution of our products, with reduce, reuse and recycling at the mainstay of our processes from manufacturing to shipping to warehouse practices......

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Environmentally aware

Hotmilk Collective are constantly looking at ways to reduce plastic consumption in all aspects of what they do. Garments are now received without hangers and delivered in bulk boxes without single-use plastic (poly) bags.......

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